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Please review our offerings and see what program might be best for you!

Junior Music Day Camp

We are very pleased and excited to offer four (4) week long Junior Music Day Camps!  Our camps are designed to appeal to budding junior musicians with or without musical training and background.  Our programming will feature hands on experiential learning, an engaging program of music education and appreciation, instrument orientation and fundamental skill building through play and practice, and lots of fun, enriching education and social and team building activities.  The Junior Music Day Camps are open to all skill levels – no experience necessary! Our Camper-Counsellor average ratio of 7:1 and Camp size limits ensure that all Campers receive individual support and attention! Our camps are operating in collaboration with Columbia International College at its modern and well equipped Ainslie Woods campus in West Hamilton. Campers will share facilities and some activities with Campers from all over the world!  This diverse international experience will provide campers with a unique learning and personal growth experience that will provide positive and formative memories well beyond their time at camp. The recommended ages for July Music Camps are 8-14 years where counsellor groupings will consider age and musical background ensuring maximum enjoyment of the camps for each Camper.

Sessions offered, 9am-4pm:

July 4th-8th

July 11th-15th

July 18th-22nd

July 25th-29th

*Aftercare offered, see Eventbrite for more details

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August Audition Preparation Day Camp

Junior and Senior Audition Preparation Day Camps! The HPYO is thrilled to provide audition camps for junior and senior musicians who are returning to, or aspire to join the HPYO Concert Orchestra (juniors) or our Senior Orchestra, The Philharmonic!  There’s nothing like knowing what’s on the test, having a skilled and supportive mentor counsellor to teach you tips and mastery, and the opportunity to build confidence by working with your peers and future orchestra colleagues in ensuring that the September Audition Process goes splendidly!  These August Day Camps include all orchestral instrumentation, the audition repertoire, and our most accomplished and enthusiastic senior musicians whose goals are for the Camper to have a great time at camp and have a fantastic audition enroute to full participation in our HPYO orchestras.  By demystifying the process of auditions, reducing the ‘nerves’ of performing for a professional judge, building team spirit, our ultimate goal is to include everyone with musical aspirations in our orchestras!  Ages 8 – 24 welcome.  Conveniently scheduled two different ways (weekday camps and Saturday camps) to accommodate as many life stages as possible, we are confident that Campers will find a perfect fit and the price is right.

Sessions offered, 9am-4pm: 

August 8th-12th

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August Saturday Audition Preparation Day Camp

August 13th, 20th, 27th

*Aftercare offered, see Eventbrite for more details

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