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Our Founder: Dr. Glenn Alan Mallory


Founded by Betty Webster Award winner Glenn Mallory in 1965, the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra has given the joy and discipline of orchestral music to hundreds of young people, and has delighted the thousands for whom they have played.

Graduates of the orchestra are involved in professional and community orchestras across Canada, in the United States and in Europe. Even those who have not followed a musical career remain enriched by a musical and social experience that offers continuing pleasure as adults.

Dr. Mallory retired in November of 2006 and was succeeded by Paul McCulloch, a cellist and conductor who is an alumnus of the orchestra. Maestro Colin Clarke is our current Music Director & Principal Conductor.

The orchestra is comprised of young musicians aged 24 and under. After a successful audition, each young musician must make a yearlong commitment to regular rehearsals and performances. Private study is strongly encouraged.

The orchestra performs not only the standard symphonic repertoire, but also contemporary works. In addition to performing regular local concerts, the orchestra has performed as far afield as Banff, Moosonee, Carnegie Hall, New York, Huntsville, Alabama and Northampton, England.

"I hope in my heart Mr. Mallory knows how special he is and more importantly how much the kids in Hamilton have benefited from the HPYO, and all of his time and blood, sweat and tears have touched so many lives for good that not in a million years would had the chance to play some of the best music of the world and be part of an incredible organization at such young ages. He truly is a very, very special man."

Debbie Burke
Past HPYO Member

"Glenn’s inspiring musicianship made my years with the HPYO incredibly fulfilling. 30 years after playing in that orchestra, I can still feel the energy from those days. It was thrilling to be a part of it, and I know the same spirit continues to this day with Colin. The HPYO is where I began to develop the tools I needed for my success as a professional musician. My love of great symphonic music really began with Glenn and the HPYO."

Lawrence Vine
Past HPYO Member and Principal Horn, National Arts Centre Orchestra