Today it is impossible to talk about the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra without referring to Glenn Alan Mallory in the same breath. The HPYO was founded over 50 years ago to provide an opportunity for young string players and other orchestral musicians in the area to perform together with Glenn Mallory as its founding music director.

Since then, many young lives have been touched, and often changed, through their contact with Glenn and their experience within the orchestra. He has helped expand many young minds as the HPYO has performed coast to coast across Canada and abroad including such places as Carnegie Hall and the United Kingdom.

Glenn is passionate in his belief that music and participation in the orchestra contribute positively to a young person’s life because orchestral music inculcates both internal and external discipline, and at the same time requires one to act as a team members and show initiative. It also helps to demonstrate to young people that emotion in life is not a terrifying thing but rather something to be sought out and enjoyed.

Glenn eloquently makes the point that music is a more profound form of communication than speech and evokes the essence of humanity as it combines a physical demand from the performer, an emotional response from the listener and an intellectual phenomenon, as abstract notes are transformed into melodious sounds to produce a complete social and spiritual experience. It is remarkable that Glenn has been able to convey this to not one, but many generations of young people.

It is difficult to reconcile the engaging forcefulness and passion of the public personality with the surprisingly gentle and whimsical one of the private Glenn Mallory. The public one manifests itself in the long and distinguished career encompassing the roles of percussionist, flautist, teacher and conductor with the Hamilton District School Board, the HPYO, Hamilton Theatre, Burlington Light Opera, Dundas Valley Orchestra and others. The private one appears in the roles of husband, father, grandfather, church deacon, reader, hiker, birder.

Glenn received an honourary doctorate from McMaster University and other honours include induction into the Hamilton Gallery of Distinction, the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship, the Hamilton Arts and Excellence in Arts Awards and the Spectator Community Service Award, in addition to being a 4 time finalist for Hamilton Citizen of the Year. Dr. Mallory is particularly proud of receiving the Betty Webster Award in 2006.